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AHDesign is a bespoke design and production studio based in London.
We create the most beautiful tailor made events for all types of celebrations with meticulous care and attention to every detail.

AHDesign - Event Design & Production

Creating stunning events

In London’s top venues we have created the perfect environment for your events.

Your creativity, hard work and beautiful flowers helped make our celebration very very special indeed…

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Event Design and Production

Creating the atmosphere and design within a space is a visual artistic flair. We create the perfect environment for your event.

Whether for Corporate events, Marquees or Private parties, we take care of all aspects of the event design and production, including venue, catering, sound, lighting, staging, furniture, bars, entertainment and flowers.

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AHDesign - Magic of Persia event
AHDesign - Event Design and Production

About AHDesign

Alison Hierlehy, Founder & Creative Director of AHDesign, started her career in event design fifteen years ago

You certainly proved to us that we made the right decision in choosing who to decorate. It was stunning!!!

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